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Welcome to Australian Garment and Shoe Manufacturing

where innovation and craftsmanship unite to shape the future of fashion. Our cutting-edge manufacturing technology redefines footwear and garment production, combining robotic precision with human artistry. Each product embodies our commitment to excellence, blending visionary design with tangible results.

At Australian Garment and Shoe Manufacturing, we cater to diverse styles and occasions, from athleisure to formal elegance. Our creations reflect exceptional quality, a testament to our skilled team and advanced machinery. Sustainability remains integral to our approach; our streamlined processes minimize waste and energy consumption.

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Crafting exceptional footwear and apparel sustainably, elevating our industry standing as the preferred choice among Australia and global customers


We are dedicated to the art of crafting extraordinary shoes and garments that effortlessly harmonize style, comfort, and sustainability. By using the most advanced and innovative technology in our production facility, we uphold unwavering ethical standards.

To be the best choice in our industry for Australia and worldwide for individuals seeking the finest products in our field.

What We Create

We invest in versatility, Our partners count on us to solve problems proactively.
Many of the brands we work with do so in several categories with us, allowing them to gain consistency
across multiple garment types and manufacturing techniques.

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We proudly produce everything locally in Darwin,
Northern Territory!

Every product that bears our name carries with it a profound commitment to excellence.
Our visionary designs come to life, not just on paper, but in tangible forms that you can wear and experience.
This fusion of creativity and precision is at the heart of what we do

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18 Menmuir street Winnellie Darwin, NT 0820

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